Operation and maintenance of current transformer and voltage transformer

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The sensor has part of the function of the transformer, which has the low voltage and small power to convert the high voltage and high current of the primary circuit to the two circuit in proportion.The function of the flow ensures that the two equipment is not affected by the high pressure and protects the safety of the person. The transformer has two kinds of current and voltage.


1. The operation of current transformer and voltage transformer

The current transformer runs through the change of the turn number of the primary side and the two side coil, thus changing the current amplitude. This is the principle of using the electromagnetic induction, and the operation of Lenz's law. Current transformer work must guarantee the rated current, such as the two side of the 5A, long time overwork, will lead to larger error, the instrument can not display accurate data, and may cause insulation aging, burn out internal windings. The operation of a voltage transformer is allowed to exceed the amount of work.But it can not exceed 10% of the rated value, its function is to use the electromagnetic induction principle to change the voltage amplitude, because the two side does not allow short circuit.The voltage transformer is also called the instrument transformer.


 2. Maintenance of current transformer and voltage transformer

The maintenance of the transformer needs to be paid attention to: check whether there is any breakage outside the transformer; whether there is any abnormal noise and whether the cleanliness is in accordance with the standard. Above these questions,Once it happens, it is necessary to organize the personnel to carry out the inspection and repair. Whether the placement of the line will cause more serious damage to the line, even the explosion may occur.The threat of life has caused great losses to the enterprise.


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