Operation of mechanical high voltage dc circuit breaker.

Update date:2018-01-30 Source:MAXGE

The world's first mechanical high voltage dc circuit breaker is successfully delivered. This entirely based on China's independent intellectual property rights developed mechanical high voltage direct current circuit breaker, by huazhong university of science and technology institute of electrical Pan Yuan academicians, professor jun-jia he led, Yuan Zhao, Chen Lixue, kelly li team joint siyuan electric common development. It is of great significance for China to seize the commanding heights of the world's high-end electrical equipment manufacturing industry in this field.


On January 3, yuan zhao, a member of the team, introduced the 160kV high voltage dc circuit breaker demonstration project in shantou, guangdong province, for nearly half a month and in good condition. Different from the traditional hybrid dc circuit breaker scheme, the team adopts the mechanical high-voltage dc circuit breaker with independent intellectual property rights to effectively eliminate the intellectual property risks.


From the 40kV prototype to the 160kV molding product, the application environment, task weight, time tight and other objective conditions make the r&d personnel feel pressure. Since it is a new type of equipment, there is no precedent to be followed at home and abroad. The team should not only fully demonstrate the requirements of test and assessment parameters, but also make test plans based on the technical characteristics of existing test stations. From calculation to optimization, from verification to production, within half a year, the team worked overtime to complete all the work.

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