Isolation switch the main role

Update date:2018-01-27 Source:MAXGE

1, After opening, establish a reliable insulation gap, the need to repair the equipment or lines and the power supply with a clear disconnect points to ensure the safety of maintenance personnel and equipment.

2, according to operational needs, exchange lines.


3, It can be used to divide and match the small current in the line, such as the current of casing, bus, connector and short cable, the capacitor current of the switch capacitor, the circulating current of double busbar and the exciting current of voltage transformer Wait.

4, according to the specific circumstances of different types of structures, can be used to points, combined with a certain capacity of the transformer no-load excitation current.


Isolation switch contacts all exposed in the air, with a clear point of disconnection, isolation switch without interrupter device, it can not be used to cut off the load current or short circuit current, or under the action of high pressure, the disconnection point will have a strong arc , And it is difficult to go out on their own, and may even result in relatively short-circuit or flashover arcing, burning equipment, endangering personal safety, which is the so-called "load pull isolation switch" serious accident.


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