The market strategy for electrical equipment industry in 2018

Update date:2018-01-26 Source:maxge

The development of distributed photovoltaic system is rapid, and the photovoltaic installation is super expected

2017, the first three quarters of the year, the new solar power 42.31GW of the national infrastructure increased by 60% over the same period last year, of which the distributed PV installed capacity increased by about 300% compared with the same period last year. Conservative estimates of PV installed capacity in 2017 are expected to exceed 50GW. Benefiting from the prosperity of the industry, the PV industry achieved 84 billion 482 million yuan in the first three quarters of the year, up 28.76% compared to the same period last year, and realized net profit of 5 billion 387 million yuan, an increase of 10.35% over the previous year.


In the future,China's photovoltaic market in incremental distributed market space, is still optimistic.In addition, photovoltaic industry technology is still continuing. Black silicon technology, PERC and N battery technology become the mainstream direction of technology innovation of battery chip enterprises. Enterprises generally improve these technologies to meet the market development needs. Short term subsidies have a certain impact on distributed photovoltaic (distributed photovoltaic), but in the long run, the reduction of technology will make the cheap distributed PV have a broader space for development. It is expected that in 2020, the cost of photovoltaic power is expected to be substantially reduced, and the final parity is realized.

Industrial control industry continues to recover, and import substitution contains business opportunities

Meanwhile, the fixed assets of manufacturing industry also maintained a good growth rate. From the second half of 2016, the industrial control market was revived, the annual growth rate was about 1%, and the industry scale reached 140 billion. It is estimated that the market scale will increase by more than 5% over the 2017 year, and the signs of recovery will be obvious. The industrial automation industry in China falls behind the developed countries, and the brand technology of Europe and the United States and Japan is high, and the brand advantage is obvious.


But with the accelerated process of China's industrialization, industrial upgrading, intelligent manufacturing equipment has entered the stage of fast growth, domestic enterprises have a comparative advantage of industrial automation flexibility on the cost, pricing, distribution, market expansion, personalized service, and gradually achieve the advantage in the OEM segment, import substitution will be an important industrial area investment logic.

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