​Sun Zhonghe, director of the national Ministry of Commerce, visited the United States

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Sun Zhonghe, director of the national Ministry of Commerce, visited the United States


The afternoon of 23 March, the State Department of Commerce Director Sun Zhonghe and the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce, Huzhou Business Bureau and the Deqing County Bureau of Commerce of the lead line to visit research to guide the work of high electrical technology Co., Ltd. chairman Peng Sufu with the senior leadership of the warm reception.


Accompanied by Chairman Peng Sufu, chairman Sun Zhonghe visited the US electrical products, in-depth understanding of the history and development of electrical enterprise scale makall.


Subsequently, director Sun Zhonghe inspected the production workshop makall automatic information electrical, as a R & D, manufacturing enterprises as a whole, beauty has always stressed that technological innovation is the core competitiveness of the company, focusing on technology innovation and new product development, scientific research into the steady growth of scientific research team is constantly growing, R & D ability enhanced.


Chairman Peng Sufu pointed out that the US electric after 10 years of development, from the management, technology, brand, core and other aspects have a unique cultural characteristics of electrical beauty. For a long time, the enterprise development plan follows the national supply side reform policy closely, innovative thinking, clear direction of development.


The leaders of the Ministry of Commerce have given high affirmation to the production line and production mode of industrial automation. MCPO electrical technology to respond positively to the national "2025" and China manufacturing in Zhejiang province "China manufacturing 2025 Zhejiang action plan" of the decision to deploy, promoting the automation of information transformation. In 2016, the company's "two integration" project included in the Huzhou city "two oriented" integration of key projects, and was named "Huzhou two integration" pilot enterprises.


The chairman asked the leadership of the Ministry of Commerce Peng Sufu to have the confidence to overcome the difficulties encountered in the development of enterprises, and strive to improve product quality and quality, increase the added value of the industry, improve the export quotas, create more employment opportunities.

Finally, on behalf of all the staff makall Peng electrical thanked the leadership of the work of the guidance, and has the confidence in 2017 output growth of more than 30% in 2016 on the basis of steady progress and to a new higher level goal, create new brilliance.

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