Surge protector

Update date:2018-01-25 Source:MAXGE

Surge protector, is a kind of electronic devices for various electronic devices, instrumentation, communications lines to provide security protection, mainly used to limit over-voltage and discharge surge current.


Surge power supply system mainly from two reasons: external (lightning causes) and internal (start and stop of electrical equipment, etc.). Surge is often characterized by a short period of time (lightning overvoltages are often on the order of microseconds, and overvoltages on electrical equipment are often on the order of milliseconds), but instantaneous voltages and currents are extremely high, Cables pose a hazard, so surge protectors are needed to protect them.


Surge protectors can be divided into switch-type and pressure-limiting type. The electrical gap and the varistor work differently, but the basic characteristics are very similar: in the absence of an overvoltage, their impedances are very high, generally megohms, which is almost equivalent to breaking. When over-voltage occurs, the impedance rapidly dropped to a few ohms, the surge current will flow through the surge protector into the ground, but will not enter the device, at the same time, the surge protector at this time the impedance is small, it's two Throughout the voltage is also relatively small, at the same time as he and the protected equipment in parallel, it prevents the equipment withstand large surge voltage. In this way, it has played the role of drainage and pressure limiting.


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