Google CEO Pichai talk about the safety of artificial intelligence: will save mankind, and not destroy

Update date:2018-01-25 Source:maxge

In January 24th, the Swiss Davos world economic forum second days, Google CEO Sundar Pichai (Sundar Pichai) had dialogue withKlaus Schwab,the Davos world economic forum founder and executive chairman.

In the dialogue, Pichai expressed a positive and optimistic attitude towards artificial intelligence and introduced his idea of a series of social issues facing of Google.


"Google is a global company, but at the same time it wants to be localized in every country," Pichai said. We believe that in this way, we can fulfill our social responsibilities and integrate with the society. "

Artificial intelligence is more basic to humans than electricity and fire.Pichai is very optimistic about the development of artificial intelligence. He says that artificial intelligence will save us, not destroy us.

"AI may be the most important thing that human beings have been studying in history," Pichai said. "I think it is more based on electricity and fire. At any time in the development of technology, you have to put on the reins for its advantages, so as to minimize the negative impact. "

Although there are some thinkers, such as the famous professor Stephen Hocking, warned of artificial intelligence may destroy the human being.Pichai is always optimistic about  AI. He said that technology can reduce many of the limitations we face, such as helping people to turn "clean, cheap, reliable energy" into reality.

Pichai believes that the process of the development of AI, considering the risk is important, so Google from the first day to consider the security problems of AI, the development process should be open and transparent, and consider the international organization similar to the "Paris climate agreement" organization, cooperation to solve the difficult problem.


Pichai also said, "the country needs artificial intelligence to be non militarized, which should be the common goal of the world's efforts."

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