Spot welding robot of modern robot

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The welding robot with its characteristics of stable performance, large working space, become the hearts of everyone, including "welding" welding robot with modern robot is a typical representative of the welding speed continue to seek a breakthrough, high precision in trajectory control is the admirable.

1. Structure of spot welding robot

Spot welding robot is a kind of welding robot, which mainly consists of two parts: industrial robot and terminal welding equipment. The motion of arc welding is a continuous trajectory, and the spot welding is from one point to another, so there are different requirements for the robot.

Spot welding is usually divided into two types: double side spot welding and single side spot welding.

In double side spot welding, the electrode is fed to the welding place on both sides of the workpiece, which is the most common way.

When the spot welding is done on one side, the electrode is fed from the same side to the welding part of the workpiece. The typical single spot welding mode is single point spot welding. The electrode of the solder joint does not form a large diameter and large contact surface to reduce the current density.

2, advantage

1) when the robot is used for spot welding, the clamp and transformer are mostly integrated. The capacity of the transformer can be reduced to 1/3 to 1/4, which saves energy and greatly reduces the heavy manual labor of the operator.

2) for different location, the unique welding sequence can be easily realized, and the quality of the ignition is improved, which avoids the problems of solder joint leakage, multiple play and inaccurate location.

3) the advantage of spot welding robot in point efficiency is obvious, and the efficiency can be increased by 8~10 times.

4) spot welding robot can use some unique technology of robot to further control welding sequence accurately, and further improve the welding efficiency and welding quality.

3, application field

The most field of spot welding robot should belong to the automatic assembly workshop of vehicle body, including automobile chassis, seat skeleton, guide rail, muffler and torque converter, etc., especially in automobile chassis welding production, it has been widely applied.

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