The difference between the motor starter and the KBO

Update date:2018-01-20 Source:maxge

Usually, what we call the motor starter is mainly used for motor startup. It only has simple startup and thermal protection function, and some may have no thermal protection function. Like a magnetic starter, it is made up of a contactor and a thermal relay. Other motor starters, such as motor soft starters, may have more functions, but it is mainly used for high power motors to start.


KBO Chinesename is control and protection switch. It is mainly composed of main circuit contactor, intelligent controller, electromagnetic mechanism, operation mechanism and auxiliary contact module. The main circuit contact group is made up of bridge type, double interruption contact, grid interrupter and current limiting quick acting mechanism. Each pole has a quick action to separate the main contact when the load terminal is short circuited. At the same time, the driving mechanism cuts off the coil loop to keep each other in a state of disconnection.The most commonly used below 45A, mainly used in the start, control, protection, and so on of the pump.


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