Frame breaker ACB

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Universal type circuit breaker is also called the frame type circuit breaker, it is a kind of can connect, bearing and breaking normal circuit under the condition of current, as well as stipulated under the condition of abnormal circuit switched on, carrying a certain time and breaking current mechanical switch electrical appliances.


The function of universal circuit breaker: the circuit breaker is in the form of three-dimensional arrangement, the contact system and the instantaneous overcurrent tripping device are installed on a piece of insulation board. The upper part is equipped with an arc extinguishing system. The operating mechanism can be installed in front or right side.


Face, have "cent", "close" instruction and manual disconnect button. The upper left is equipped with the shunt tripping device, and the back is equipped with an under-voltage tripping device connected with the tripping. The speed saturation current transformer or current voltage converter is set on the busbar. The under-voltage delay device, thermal relay or semiconductor tripper can be installed separately. Dw15-2000, 3200, 4000 and 6300 circuit breakers are arranged in three dimensions. The frame is composed of the base frame, side panel and beam, and each contact system is installed on the chassis, which is equipped with an arc extinguishing chamber. The operating mechanism is connected to the right front of the circuit breaker through the main shaft and the contact system.


 The electric operating mechanism is attached to the lower part of the circuit breaker by the square shaft and the mechanism, which can be used as the storage or direct closure of the circuit breaker, and the closing of the energy storage can be assumed by the release energy magnet. To prevent the circuit breaker from jumping when the circuit breaker is broken, the anti-rebound mechanism is installed above the left board. Various overcurrent trip according to different requirements at the bottom of the circuit breaker, owe voltage, shunt tripping device and electric control part is installed on the left side, which owe voltage, shunt tripping device connect through trip and amplification mechanism, in order to reduce the circuit breaker tripping force. 12 for auxiliary contacts for users to join the secondary loop, panel, display circuit breaker working position refers to the brand of "1" "0" and "can" storage instructions, and for the benefit of the closing and break-brake button "1" "0" (press). Dw15-1000 and 1600 circuit breakers are equipped with a front manual operation handle; Dw15-2500, 4000 with manual handle for maintenance.


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