Interference source of time relay

Update date:2018-01-19 Source:maxge

With the wide use of relays, the various performance of the relay also becomes efficient. However, the relay will also be affected by a lot of interference sources, and the performance will certainly decrease with the long time work.

The following is the interference source of several interference time relay.


1. Mobile phone, portable walkie talkie, and high-frequency electromagnetic radiation generated by FM electromagnetic wave and arc discharge generated by adjacent or nearby equipment.

2.a charged operator produces a discharge when it touches the electrical part of the device.

3.DC low voltage circuit interrupting inductive load (such as contactor, intermediate relay, etc.) or electromagnetic current, voltage relay contact jitter, often generate fast transient pulse group wave.

4. high voltage substation near high voltage electrical equipment operation caused by induction interference.

5. The electromagnetic energy of the pulse circuit, the clock circuit, the switching power supply, the transceiver and so on in the equipment.


The above is the most conventional interference source, should be considered in the integrated electrical design, and some important relay equipment should be equipped with anti-jamming equipment.


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