What are the primary electric equipment and the secondary electric equipment?

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Electrical equipment is an electrical equipment that is used directly for the production, delivery and distribution and use of electrical energy. To put it simply, a primary device is a direct contact with high voltage equipment. It includes generators, transformers, circuit breakers, isolating switches, automatic switches, contactors, knife switches, busbars, transmission lines, power cables, reactors, motors, etc.


The two electrical equipment is the monitoring, control, regulation, protection for the work of a primary equipment, and the low voltage electrical equipment for operation and maintenance personnel to provide operation conditions or production command signals. Such as fuse, button, indicator lamp, control switch,relay, control cable, instrument, signal equipment, automatic device and so on.


The two electrical equipment mainly includes


(1) instrument

            (2) control and signal components

(3) relay protection device

           (4) operation, signal power circuit

                 (5) control cable and connecting wire

                        (6) a signal element that emits the sound.

                   (7) connection terminals and fuse, etc.


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