The global market for instrument transformer is expected to exceed $9 billion by 2022

Update date:2018-01-16 Source:maxge

The second largest international market research firm MarketsandMarkets research report released by transformer, in 2017, the global transformer market income of about $7.32 billion, predicts will increase to $2022 in 9.06 billion, during the compound annual rate of about 4.35%.


Report believes that the increasing electricity demand, the global alternative energy development is rapid, technical reform, aging infrastructure of the renovation and growing global smart grid and investments in the energy system is the main factor of transformer market stable growth.

According to the end user, report, transformers can be divided into transmission facilities, distribution facilities, power generation facilities, railway and subway, and industrial and original equipment manufacturers and other aspects were analyzed. The report predicts that by 2022, distribution facilities plate is expected to top compound growth rate of growth.


According to the international energy agency, which is expected between 2014 and 2035, investment in the field of global distribution of $24.2 billion, the new distribution line 24.2 million kilometers, also will increase the investment of 3.17 trillion dollars for reforming the old grid distribution infrastructure.

From the point of the product type, transformers can be divided into current transformer, voltage transformer and combined transformer. By 2022, current transformer market will become the largest market segment in transformer.

From the point of voltage grade, can be applied to the distribution voltage transformer, transmission pressure, transmission, ultra-high voltage transmission, extra-high voltage power transmission. It is estimated that from 2017 to 2017, part distribution voltage transformer of the fastest growing market, the power distribution between 0.72 kV to 36 kV voltage level.


From the point of regional markets, predicts 2022, the asia-pacific region would be the biggest transformer regional markets. Electricity consumption growth, the government support measures for renewable energy and the update factors such as aging power plant will promote transformer market demand growth in the region. Among them, the Chinese market is expected to become one of the fastest growing transformer market.

From suppliers, ABB, general electric, Siemens of Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Arteche, etc will become the world's leading supplier of transformer.

Need to specifically, disorderly competition and grid expansion project delays could limit the transformer market development, resulting in a decline in profits.


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