China has developed a 500 kv dc circuit breaker.

Update date:2018-01-15 Source:maxge


Recently, the prototype of 500kv dc circuit breaker independently developed by China has passed the type test. This marks another major breakthrough in the core equipment of the HVDC system after the successful development of the HVDC transmission valve with the development of 500 kv and + 800 kv.


Since 2013, relying on the national 863 and 973 projects of major science and technology projects, the principle prototype of 10kv and 160 kv dc circuit breakers has been developed. On this basis, China's current voltage rank highest in the world, conveying capacity of the largest Zhang Beike renewable energy demonstration project, flexible dc power from dc short circuit current open circuit mechanism, core components development, product integration and prototype test has carried out extensive research, several aspects, such as dc circuit breaker to overcome the current modeling and simulation, rapid and reliable transfer, large current shut off power electronic switch, high voltage power, control, protection, compact modular integration design and other technical problems, developed based on the diode bridge rectifier components of cascade low loss 500 kv hybrid dc circuit breaker prototype, and through the insulation and the operation test, the prototype of the open circuit voltage grade and current capacity has reached the international leading level.


500 kv dc circuit breaker prototype, the successful development of China in the ultrahigh pressure flexible HVDC system research, converter valve and control valve, the respect such as dc circuit breaker has the complete design and equipment supply ability, to develop flexible HVDC project at home and abroad market laid a solid foundation.

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