Supervision of the quality of the leakage protector.

Update date:2018-01-13 Source:maxge

Protection device as a national mandatory implementation of the peace electrical product certification, the quality of its advantages and disadvantages will be directly related to the user's life and wealth of peace, leakage protector for this quality state has always been a concern for the user.


In the low-voltage distribution system, the installed leakage protector is a useful technical measure to avoid electric fire and electrical equipment damage caused by electric shock and leakage. Especially in the rural low-voltage power grid, it has achieved a better effect on the reduction of personal electric casualty and avoiding the damage of electrical equipment.


With the improvement of its performance and function, it has been widely used. Because the leakage protection device is mainly composed of electronic components (or electromagnetic devices), the stability of its quality and performance is easily affected by the changes of materials, electronic components, electromagnetic devices, media, conditions, temperature, production process and technical requirements. 


It is to strengthen and expand the monitoring of the quality of the leakage protector, implement the dynamic management, improve the quality awareness of the producers and operators, avoid the failure and the transformation of the low-voltage power grid, and maintain the safe power supply order of the low-voltage distribution system, and the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of the production, operation and users has become more and more important.


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