Low voltage electrical appliances to intelligent, high-end transformation and upgrading.

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In recent years, China's low-voltage electrical industry from simple assembly, manufacturing imitation to self-developed design, is developed to nearly 1000 series, 1500 production enterprises, annual production of about 20 billion era of the fourth generation of intelligent low-voltage electrical appliances. According to the national policy direction, in the future a period of low voltage apparatus product structure need to be further adjustment, backward technology, large volume, high energy consumption and pollution environment of the products will be eliminated, low-voltage electrical appliances industry in China presents the concentration further enhance to the high-end, mid-range upgrade trend.


According to incomplete statistics, more than 80% of the electricity in the power system is transmitted to the user through the user's power distribution network and consumed on the terminal power equipment. Between client range from the power transformer to the electric equipment for power transmission and distribution, control, protection and energy management of all equipment and systems, mainly including intelligent low-voltage electrical appliances, smart meters and intelligent building system. The core of the control and protective as a client in the electrical equipment -- low-voltage electrical appliances, its characteristic is enormous quantity wide, at the bottom of the grid energy chain, is an important part of the construction of strong smart grid. , therefore, to build a smart grid must first achieve as cornerstones of grid user intelligent low-voltage electrical appliances, thus build the client intelligent distribution network is the important foundation of the smart grid, networked, intelligent, can communication of low voltage apparatus will be the mainstream of the future development direction.


Smart grid is to achieve energy alternatives and compatible to use, it need to create an open system and the establishment of information sharing model on the basis of the integration of the data in the system, optimize the operation and management of the system. Intelligent low-voltage electrical appliances are the basic components of smart grid, such as low-voltage intelligent circuit breaker must have protection, operation parameter measurement, maintenance, communication and other functions. Intelligent low voltage apparatus must meet the excellent performance, reliable operation, product volume small, the modularization design, communication, energy conservation and environmental protection requirements, such as to have protection, monitoring, communication, self-diagnosis, display, and other functions, it is necessary to realize intelligent power grid.


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