Development of intelligent circuit breakers.

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Intelligent development has replaced the traditional idea of the development of science and technology, it is a lot of technicians’ idea.But in fact, experts say the current intelligent plan is not directly replace the traditional technology, but it is an organic fusion of the traditional technology, in order to get the best effect. As the smart grid and household and the start and development of the project, the project under the condition of convergence of the new technology also opened his own route to innovation, intelligent products must become a major situation in the future.


In power system and the industry's overall development and construction process, the circuit breaker is widely used, and with the construction of smart grid, its form a complete set of technical requirements also gradually improve, the collocation of the smart grid and circuit breaker products must be intelligent, so that the overall development tends to be intelligent.


Intelligent circuit breaker is different from the traditions of the past, this is a kind of equipment which takes the microelectronics and computer technology, which also contains a new type of sensor, its purpose is to build a new system of circuit breaker secondary. So the intelligent electronic circuit breaker is characterized by more advanced and convenient, the use of digital control, and combined with the advantages of electronic technology, execution unit task by this way, to replace the original auxiliary switch equipment.



In the new circuit breakers, failures and possible defects in past monitoring devices are perfectly circumvented, and the new sensors are perfectly integrated with digital control devices. It also records the data on its own at run time, and effectively monitors the problems and hidden dangers of the equipment, which is of great significance to safety manufacturing and production, and is loved by the manufacturers.


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