How to strengthen the enterprise maintenance electrician to troubleshoot the skill?

Update date:2018-01-10 Source:maxge

To form an enterprise's own production capacity is the most important material base equipment, should let equipment in the process of life and production to maximize its role into play, in the actual operation process, should abide by prevention, plans to overhaul, maintenance and use. Very many different kinds of equipment failure, professional stronger, problem is extremely complex, whether it is the strengthening of the unit or individual shall continuously improve their troubleshooting skills, the losses to a minimum.


The improvement of skills of the mechanic should be mainly from the following two aspects: first, professional knowledge is solid. In this era, the information is in constant change, knowledge has been updated, maintenance electrician can not satisfy the present situation, at ordinary times, more should pay attention to study, communicate skills, to participate in professional seminars, learn the advanced science and technology to improve their theoretical knowledge, and in the practice through troubleshooting, strive to at work more reform innovation, put together the practical work and theoretical knowledge, enhance their own level and ability. The other thing is to have a good professional ethics. In the case of equipment problems, do not blindly judge, should be good at listening to others, and communicate with others in a timely manner. The equipment with the problem should be repaired and reported in time.


In any enterprise or business unit, the electrician is indispensable, electricians must be able to accurately and timely judge the power system fault occurs, which requires the electrician must be very familiar with the circuit maintenance knowledge, and can according to the specific conditions for flexible processing problem. In fact, the failure of the electrical system is mainly due to the normal maintenance and maintenance, the normal debugging of the circuit, and the reasonable installation of the equipment and wiring. The electrician can judge whether the power system is healthy and normal by observing the temperature of the lamp. Usually situation, unreasonable floodlight may cause abnormal debugging and installation of the common has the short circuit, open circuit, so there is even the condition of the leakage may occur, as a result, the electrician must be can accurately analyze the root cause of the power system fault occurring reasons, and then take effective measures to solve them. In addition, the transformer faults is very common, if long time use transformer can appear the phenomenon such as insulation, overheating, therefore, the electrician should be observed in normal times, often test transformer, oil and install insulating ceramic tube to protect both methods can effectively avoid the happening of the fault.


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