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The digital factory

For digital factory, German engineers association is defined as: digital factory (DF) is composed of digital models, methods and tools, a comprehensive network includes simulation and 3 d/vr visual, through continuous uninterrupted data management together. Digital factory integrates product, process, and the factory model database, through the use of advanced simulation and visualization, document management, to improve the quality of the product and production process involved in the quality and dynamic performance.


At home, the highest acceptance of the digital factory  is defined as the  digital factory is in a computer virtual environment, simulation, evaluation and optimization of the whole production process, and further extended to the new production organization method of the whole product life cycle. Is the modern digital manufacturing technology and the combination of the computer simulation technology, mainly as a communication bridge between product design and product manufacturing. May draw a conclusion from the definition, the essence of the digital factory is to realize the integration of the information.


Smart factory

Intelligent factory is on the basis of the digital factory, using the Internet of things technology and monitoring technology to strengthen information management, improve the production process control, reduce the artificial intervention, production line and reasonable plan scheduling. At the same time, preliminary intelligent means and intelligent system at an organic whole, emerging technologies such as construction of high efficiency, energy saving, green, environmental protection, comfortable humanized factory.

Intelligent factory has independent ability, collection, analysis, judgment and planning; Predicted by reasoning from the overall visual technology, the use of simulation and multimedia technology, showed the reality augmentation design and manufacturing process. In the system can form the best system structure, each component has coordination, reorganization and expansion characteristics. Have systems have the self learning, the ability to maintain. Therefore, smart factory realized the mutual coordination of human and machine,and its essence is the human-computer interaction.


Intelligent manufacturing

Smart factory is the updated version based on the digital factory, but also has the very big disparity with intelligent manufacturing. Intelligent manufacturing system of intelligent activities during the manufacturing process, such as analysis, reasoning, judgment, planning and decision-making, etc. Through cooperation with intelligent machines, to expand and extend and partially replace technologists in the manufacturing process of mental work. It expanded manufacturing automation to the flexible, intelligent and highly integrated.


Intelligent manufacturing system is not just a"system of artificial intelligence, but intelligent man-machine integration system, is a hybrid intelligence. System can undertake independent analysis, judgment and decision making task, highlighted the core position in the manufacturing system, in conjunction with the smart machines at the same time, better play to the potential of people. Machine intelligence and human intelligence really together, cooperate with each other, complement each other. The essence is man-machine integration.”

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