Development and application of intelligent low voltage distribution system

Update date:2018-01-02 Source:maxge

Intelligent low-voltage distribution system by low voltage switch equipment has the communication function of the intelligent components by digital communication network adjacent and attached to the machine system, realize the automation of substation low voltage switch equipment operation management and intelligent. System may realize the data real-time collection, digital communications, remote operation and control, French asylum setting value management, transaction on-site, and the alarm, failure analysis, all kinds of report and equipment maintenance information management, and other functions.


For low voltage electrical system directly to the controlling terminal, equipment, wide spread, the more complicated and site conditions, the system itself and many equipment operation, fault tripping characteristics such as strong electromagnetic and harmonic interference, intelligent monitoring and control system should be able to realize the object-oriented mode of operation, has a strong anti-interference ability, main control functions performed by intelligent equipment layer element, integrated all the distribute control system, through the network to content system of the requirement of real-time, fast and reliable.


The low voltage intelligent components in the system can be divided into: power quality monitoring, switching protection and control and electric thought control. Due to the use of field bus technology, intelligent system components are not rely on particular machine network running and self-reliance, extremely eve to improve real-time and reliable system operation, satisfied the need of low voltage electrical equipment operation management and workshop production process control requirements.


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