The application of ATS

Update date:2017-12-30 Source:maxge

The ATS is mainly used in emergency power supply system to switch the load circuit from one power supply to another switching device to ensure the continuous and reliable operation of the important load.Therefore, ATS is often used in important electric fields, and its product reliability is of particular importance. Transformation once failure will be one of the following two kinds of damage, short circuit between the power supply or important load power (or even a brief power outage), and the consequences are serious, it will not only bring economic losses (stopped production, financial paralysis), can also cause social problems (make the life and safety is at risk).

 Therefore, industrial developed countries have listed the production and use of automatic switch switches as key products to restrict and regulate. Interactive thermal backup (ATS). The ATS can also be interpreted as automatic test system, namely automatic test system.

For the power system that requires a relatively strict power interruption, the system should be automatically switched to the municipal power and generator set. ATS automatic conversion ark can realize automatic switching of two way power supply, namely when the main power outage or failure occurs, the standby power supply automatically into the main power supply back to normal, and automatically return to to the main power supply.


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