What are the main points of daily maintenance of circuit breakers

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What are the main points of daily maintenance of circuit breakers

In order to make the circuit breaker operate more freely, we can't ignore it in its maintenance. If you always maintain it, it will be many times longer. Why not? For its good working condition, maintenance and maintenance need to be constantly strengthened. What are the main points of its maintenance? This is a question that people need to discuss, so let's get to know each other.


On up keep, we should keep the air clean, if it is humid air, or not clean, the consequences of it are serious. A damp gas is broken down into hydrogen and oxygen, which can cause a fracture in the contact point, which can also cause an explosion in the arc chamber. Can let the insulation strength become low, the situation that the surface will produce discharge gradually, let you touch not, in case of electric shock, the consequence can be imagined, therefore be careful and careful is good. Also, when the pipe is in the paint, it will become blocked, and the circuit will fail or even die. All these are caused by air pollution, so it should be kept clean.


Rubber is one of important accessories, rubber parts should be replaced periodically, because this kind of device structure is complex, high sealing performance requirements, in order to ensure that its performance with the timely replacement of rubber parts, it is very necessary.


The various parts of the air switch need to be checked regularly, so that they are in a good state of technology. Don't ignore a small device, or it may decide the normal operation of the device. Arcing chamber need regular check, for example, it's spring, dynamic and static contact point, because it is constantly friction, so something over travel, the pressure will be reduced slowly, when small to take oh, will make the spring deformation, when the time comes to timely replacement. The non-linear resistance needs to check its cleanliness, replace the dryers and measure the non-linear resistance. The main valve checks the size of the piston and valve body to see if its size is within the specified range if it does not meet the need to correct in time. Also need to check the drive cylinder, adjust its buffer, ensure that its isolating switch, and check its accuracy in time, also through the repair and replacement to keep its performance is better.


For the daily life maintenance of the circuit breaker, we only need to do the above, believe it will have a small effect. Ensure it using the environment air is fresh, timely replacement of rubber parts, for the inspection of the widget, etc., is a very important link, only need you spend a little time, will help reduce trouble device, maintenance device needs to start from the little things in life, not to be ignored.


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