The principle of magnetic starter

Update date:2017-12-29 Source:maxge

Magnetic starter are consist of stamping steel shell, steel plate, AC contactor, thermal relay, and the corresponding wiring, when using, should start with stop button switch, and the correct hand signal cable connection. When press the start button, the magnetic starter of the built-in ac contactor coil electricity, armature drive closed contact group on electrical appliances (general motors) as power supply, at the same time through the auxiliary contact self-locking. When Pressing the stop button, the internal ac contactor coil, losing electricity off contact, cut off with the electric power supply and unlocked.


According to different control need, magnetic startercan also be flexible connection, make its dynamic, equal in function points. Built-in thermal relay provides the control of motor overload protection, thermal relay setting current should comply with the electrical power needs.


 Magnetic starter belongs to total pressure directly starting, at both capacity and load of power grid allow total pressure directly under the condition of starting to use. The Advantage of that control is convenient, simple maintenance, and more economic. Mainly used in small power motor starting, this method.should not be used for motors larger than 11Kw.


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