MAXGE in a new era of photovoltaic technology.

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Domestic research photovoltaic technology since 1958, is to accelerate the development of photovoltaic technology, perfect and improve the preparation technology and application development a - Si, about thirty scientific research units and 10 factories, production capacity of more than 5.5 MW/a. Due to the problems of the market and materials, the production cost is high, and the actual production is only 1.5-2mw/a. In the year 2001-2020, we plan to implement pv power supply, and develop the project of photovoltaic (50W), small photovoltaic (10-0kw), special photovoltaic system and connected photovoltaic power station to drive the development of technology in the market.


Food, clothing, shelter, transportation of human life is dependent on the energy, the development of new energy pv technology has become a hot topic in the world, every year there are a large international conference on photovoltaic technology, MW level, large photovoltaicpower station in the construction and development are global, 10 MW level have been completed and put into operation.


In 21st century, high efficiency, low cost of thin film photovoltaic cells will account for the dominance of photovoltaic technology, with the sun power generation system of housing will gradually popularization, 20 s is expected to be built in space solar power stations, with power transmission technology such as microwave or laser power supply electricity to the ground.


Build large photovoltaic power station on all continents with expert advice, superconducting networking with superconducting cable connection into a global solar power system, the power supply is not affected by changes in day and night, and usher in a new era of photovoltaic technology.

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