Suggestions Of decreasing the service life of electrical equipment in a distribution box cause by high temperature

Update date:2017-12-27 Source:maxge

With the implementation of the urban and rural power grid construction and retrofit engineering, the general use of distribution box, an inexhaustible increases power consumption, have been some problems in operation of the display, should pay attention to.


According to the national standard design and manufacture of electrical equipment running situation around the upper limit of temperature should not be over 40 ℃, the summer show distribution box to run in the sun, the sun point-blank, cement ground heat reflect heat and the equipment in the cabinet itself, sometimes the temperature was over 60 ℃ in the cabinet. Ruth high temperature easy to cause electrical coil, lead all aging and breakdown burn out; Electrical contact with high temperature through increased contact resistance, and contact resistance to increase and increase fever, Ruth vicious cycle leading to contact burn out; At the same time temperature through the shield can also affect the electrical performance of stability, the reliability of product, the accuracy of the measurement.


Hehe give this suggestion:

(1)Choose the distribution box with shutters on both sides, the center is not completely separated , in order to form the air convection;

(2) Adopting stainless steel box as far as possible, which is not easily corroded and has heat reflection effect, such as can regularly spraying has the thermal insulation performance of coatings reduce thermal radiation, the effect is more ideal.

(3)In addition to make sure drafty, the cabinet should avoid the midday sun as far as possible, the ground is not in the form of non-sandstone;

4)To avoid overload operation of equipment in high temperature season, and try to cut the equipment release heat in the oven.



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