MAXGE ELECTRIC wish you merry Christmas.

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In 2017,it was the 11th year of the establishment of MAXGE electrical technology CO.,Ltd.Nearly ten years ,MAXGE has establishment it’s own independent brands,from miniature circuit breaker of home application to industrial productions.In the competitive industry structure,through constant research and development innovation and quality service.Quickly established the position of the industry.


MAXGE has actively opened up the international market and has now entered Europe. In the Middle East, Asia, America, Australia and other markets, after years of development and accumulation. America has become the industry with high visibility of the brand, brand and customer resources is one of the most important intangible assets of the company, is an important guarantee for the rapid growth of the company.



In recent years, the sales of the company's products have increased rapidly and the market share has continued to increase, which fully embodies the customer's recognition of the company's brand and product. This has laid a solid foundation for the company to achieve long-term business development goals.



Listening to customers’ demands and making perfect solutions for them are MAXGE‘s service standard. Customer demands are what we are pursuing. As a self-owned brand, we are being one of the best service guarantee systems in the industry. Arranging global logistics distribution and offering one-stop solution to create efficient, convenient and perfect customer experience.


Over the years,thanks for the trust and support from customers,MAXGE will continue.During the Christmas .MAXGE wish you merry Christmas,and all family will be happy and healthy.


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