In the case of the leakage protector, is the ground line still used?

Update date:2017-12-23 Source:MAXGE


Now the electricity meter seems to have a leakage protection function. Once the current and the outflow current are different, the current will be different when the current leakage occurs, and the trip will occur.

First of all, it is concluded that the leakage protector and ground wire are subordinate relationship: the possibility of installing the leakage protector is given the ground wire. Conversely, if there is no ground, it is useless to install a leak protector.

(1) external conductive part of the electrical equipment (enclosure) direct grounding line PE

(2) under the condition of the article on the satisfied, use the RCD leakage protector, can in the event of a single-phase earth fault (touch shell of electrical equipment accident), RCD will drive circuit breaker tripped, in order to protect the personal safety;

(3) for TT systems, IEC and national standards require mandatory use of RCD.

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