Household photovoltaic distribution box and network cabinet

Update date:2017-12-22 Source:MAXGE

Today's domestic household market rapid development of photovoltaic power station, household photovoltaic power generation system is more and more recognised by local people, installation of photovoltaic system more and more families common people have the stable income at the same time, and can give green energy conservation and environmental protection to make a little contribution. As the price of the main equipment of the photovoltaic system has been reduced, the family photovoltaic power generation system has achieved explosive development, but it is necessary for us to grasp the quality of the product engineering.


Usually installed photovoltaic (pv) grid cabinets, distribution box need these equipment: photovoltaic modules (commonly known as solar panels, photovoltaic stents, photovoltaic (pv) power distribution box, photovoltaic inverter, electric meter, ac/dc cable for photovoltaic (pv). When people choose the photovoltaic system service installer, it is important to know what products are used in the service business, especially the photovoltaic module, which has a large size and large price. The general industry recommends that you use class A components. If the knowledge is not very clear, then choose the A class component of the big brand manufacturer. Class B, class C should be used with caution. After all, home photovoltaic power stations are their own investment and long-term benefits. Other equipment: inverter, stents, choose the manufacturer with good stability, it must be mentioned that some of the installer, in order to reduce costs, the in-situ cut on photovoltaic stents, welding way, still have very big hidden trouble, although the stents cost in the whole system of the space is not high, but it is the important foundation of supporting power generation equipment, foundation is bad, the good power generation equipment, will create a safety hazard in 20 to 30 years. For example: bearing weight, whether the structure is reasonable, the influence of wind load. The welding point rust will affect the safety of the future. General flat roofing, with hot galvanizing support, inclined roofing adopts aluminum alloy support system. Hot galvanizing design for the whole zinc plating, preferably not site welding.


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