Internal attachment of molded case circuit breaker

Update date:2017-12-22 Source:MAXGE

The internal attachment of the molded case circuit breaker is divided into the following four types:

1. Underpressure trip

Is in its terminal voltage drop to a prescribed scope, make the circuit breaker with delay or without delay disconnect a trip, when the power supply voltage drop (or even slow down) to 70% and 35% of the rated voltage range, undervoltage tripping device should operate, undervoltage tripping device in power supply voltage is equal to 35% of the rated working voltage trip, undervoltage tripping device should be able to prevent the breaker closed all; When the voltage of the power supply is equal to or greater than 85% of the rated working voltage of the arrester, under the condition of the thermal condition, the circuit breaker can be reliably closed. Therefore, when the protected circuit power supply voltage in a voltage drop occurs, can automatically disconnect circuit breaker to cut off the power supply, make the circuit breaker under the load of electrical or electrical equipment from the damage of under voltage. When using, the under-voltage trip coil is connected to the circuit breaker power supply side. The circuit breaker can be switched on when the circuit breaker is energized, otherwise the breaker can not be closed.


2. Shunt trip

Is a remote control of the gate accessories. When the power supply voltage is equal to the voltage of 70% to 110% of the rated power supply voltage, the circuit breaker can be reliably broken. The shunt tripping device is a short-time working system, and the coil can't exceed the 1S in time, otherwise the coil will be broken. Molded case circuit breaker to prevent coil burned, the shunt tripping device a micro switch series, when shunt tripping device through the armature and, micro switch from the closed state conversion to disconnect, as a result of the shunt tripping device power supply control circuit is cut off, even if the artificially holding down the button, the shunt coil has no longer produce electricity avoids the burning coil. When the circuit breaker is closed again, the micro switch returns to the closed position.

3. The auxiliary contact

And molded case circuit breaker main circuit and arranged on the mechanical gearing contact, first used in points, close the flash, and pick up in molded case circuit breaker control circuit through a molded case circuit breaker points, to carry out the related electrical equipment interlocking or control, than directional relay output signal, etc.


4. Alarm contacts

Used for main touch the alarm, and the contact only when molded case circuit breaker points break off operation, mainly used for load a molded case circuit breaker overload short circuit or owe voltage faults and free trip, such as prescribing a change from normal closed position, through to advising the specs in line, the bell or light, etc., then flashes or prompt the shortcoming of molded case circuit breaker tripping. However, due to the low probability of free trip due to load defect, the life of the alarm contact is one tenth of the life of the molded case circuit breaker. The working current of alarm contact does not exceed 1A.

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