Determine the cause and treatment of the circuit breaker

Update date:2017-12-22 Source:MAXGE

The event of rejection is basically in the process of closing operation and reclosing. Such failures are more harmful.

For example, if the standby power circuit breaker refuses to switch on the standby power circuit when the emergency is required for emergency power supply, the accident will be expanded. The reasons and methods of determining the closing of circuit breaker can be divided into three steps.


1) check whether the previous rejection is caused by improper operation (such as the control switch to let go too fast, etc.), and then re-integrate with the control switch.


2) if the lock is not successful, check all parts of the electrical circuit to determine whether there is a fault in the electrical circuit. Check the project: whether the switching control power supply is normal. It is good to fuse circuit fuse and closed loop fuse circuit. Whether the contact of the closing contactor is normal. Switch the control switch to the closing position to see if the closing iron core action is normal.


3) if the electrical circuit is normal, the circuit breaker shall not be closed, indicating that the circuit breaker should be discontinued for mechanical failure, and the scheduling and maintenance shall be arranged.


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