On the correct application of residual current protection devices

Update date:2017-12-22 Source:maxge

In two network reconstruction project implementation process, equipment selection has been the focus of attention, with a number of advanced technical performance and reliable quality equipment, such as oil free type circuit breaker, energy-saving transformer, new equipment investment increase the technology content of power equipment, greatly improve the safety level,to prevent the accidents, ensure the safety of power supply has made significant achievements.


The low voltage power supply system also adopt new technology and new equipment, which improved the safety and reliability of the low-voltage power grid. To ensure the safe use of electricity, the electric leakage protection devices are widely used the electric leakage protection devices(RCD). Practice has proved that the protector application,greatly reduce the electric shock accident, but also play the role of supervision of line insulation level,safe electricity effect is remarkable.


Experience has shown that both at home and abroad in the low voltage power grid, install protector is the effective and protective measures to protect personal electric shock, electrical fires and electrical equipment damage



In nearly 30 years, the development of application of protector has experienced the natural stage of development, organization promotion, standardize management and popularization stage. Starting from the third stage,the research, production, installation, use the management has been improved greatly, gradually improve management standardization, standardization, and in line with international standards.



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