Basic requirements and hardware design specifications of pv combiner box

Update date:2017-12-21 Source:MAXGE

Basic requirements and hardware design specifications of pv combiner box

1. The internal structure of the confluence box and the processing quality of the box, the main circuit connection, the secondary wire and the installation of electrical components shall meet the following requirements:

A) the parts assembled in the box shall meet their respective technical requirements, especially the protection level to reach IP65;

B) the box should be firm, smooth and smooth surface, no peeling, rust and crack, etc.

C) letters and symbols should be clear, orderly, standardized and correct;

D) various switches should be easy to operate and reliable.


2. The design of the confluence box shall conform to the following safety specifications:

A) between the circuit and the exposed conductive parts, each circuit of the insulation resistance of the nominal voltage should be not less than 1000 V;

B) the design of the confluence box shall ensure that the minimum electric clearance between the input positive and negative voltage of the panel is not less than 14mm, and the minimum creepage distance is not less than 25mm;

C) the confluence box shall be in accordance with iec 62446:2009, and mark the warning of the electrification of metal parts in the confluence box;

D) unless the circuit voltage effective value is less than 25 vac or 60 VDC or accessible conductive parts and live parts adopt the dual/separated by reinforced insulation, the condition of the junction box can be in contact with conductive parts are to the earthing terminal. Grounding circuit of the resistance between any point to the earthing terminal shall be no more than 0.02.

E) the electrical connection of the protective conductor shall adopt the following connection methods:

(1) direct contact with metal;

(2) connect through other installation of fixed contact conductive parts;

(3) through special protective grounding wire connections;

(4) connect with other metal parts in the confluence box.

The protective circuit shall not include switching devices, overcurrent protective devices and current detection devices. The resistance of the ground protection circuit should be low enough that the voltage between the contact conductor and the grounding conductor shall not exceed 5VAC or 12VDC in the normal working condition of the confluence tank.

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