Introduction to pv industry combination box

Update date:2017-12-20 Source:MAXGE

Pv combinatorial industry, a new vocabulary. It's strange for laypeople, but for solar energy, it's probably a few years old. Now is an era of energy diversification, from water, heat energy, wind energy, natural gas energy, mineral source, to solar, every energy has its own advantages and disadvantages, and that part of the energy is non-renewable energy, so energy has been one of the national issues of concern. Here are in simple terms the pv this emerging industry in the energy problem play a role, is the use of solar energy, after its transformation, makes the light of the sun shoot to silicon material to produce direct current electricity. This requires the use of pv confluence boxes, and the related industries that are formed are called photovoltaic industries. How do we use junction box convert solar energy into electricity output for people to use, as the name implies, photovoltaic combination box, naturally have the effect of collection, each solar panel energy collected for the primary circuit, all the way through the dc cabinet/converting inverter power supply, form a simple power system.


In the face of increasingly serious non-renewable energy, what we can do is to make full use of the renewable resources around us, and solar energy will be an important energy source. The rise of photovoltaic industry, drive the development of relevant industries, and solar energy as a renewable resource also has its own advantages, renewable, wouldn't be facing resource depletion, and won't cause pollution, solar energy can be said to be the nature has given us the best gift, believe in the near future, photovoltaic industry will develop better and better, because it is the product of this era development.

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