Can the circuit breaker be digitized and intelligent?

Update date:2017-12-18 Source:MAXGE


The electrification of the era of intelligent data model has been opened: the national energy administration open to organize the formulation of wisdom (RC - MCB) in China's energy industry standards, from the national energy policy and industry standard level promote the construction of electricity users wisdom, research and development enterprise in the early research collected a large amount of electricity failure data that will be able to pass at the beginning of the failure or microcomputer chip compare, operation, analysis to issue instructions to circuit breaker off, the fastest speed can reach 0.005 seconds. 


At the same time using the Internet technology, the remote transmission of data through the cloud platform, users can see through their mobile phone APP to the current, voltage, leakage current, temperature, power and fault alarm information such as segment. 


Currently one of the most popular solar photovoltaic series of safety control switch has successful use of such technology, transmission through the Internet platform, enterprise employees can be detected in the office every piece of solar panels, such as temperature, current, voltage data.


Although it will take time for the digital circuit breaker to replace traditional product, need a lot of technical challenges and conquer, but is expected in the near future I'll find you intelligent, digital electrical equipment will be more and more. Office of energy, energy saving, intelligent household, wisdom campus, wisdom hotel, intelligent community, intelligent charging pile and electrical fire safety regulation system integration and docking, realize remote control, real-time alarm, statistical computing, energy services, energy-saving management and data analysis.


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