Internal structure of the combiner box

Update date:2017-12-16 Source:MAXGE

The internal structure of the combiner box consists of the monitoring system, the dc circuit breaker, the lightning protection device, the anti-diode, the fuse and so on. Theoreticallyjunction box is to several pv serial access in, through the photovoltaic fuses and circuit breakers and lightning protection building integrated photovoltaic output to pv dc cabinet, after which, of course, but also involves monitoring, the realization of some functions such as lightning.


Monitoring and control system of a monitoring each current, the voltage, temperature, medallion, the practical operation of real-time feedback circuit, also includes temperature display and alarm system, electric malfunction alarm to remind, so that users in real time according to the monitoring situation to make corresponding processing.

The harm of lightning, lightning has a very big impact on photovoltaic devices, especially like to monitor this part is of precision parts, is not allowed once a hit from the thunder will affect measurement monitoring or measuring errors, and lightning will directly cause the damage of some components, causing immeasurable accident, therefore pv junction box is typically combined with lightning protection device.

The main protective effect of the fuse is that when the current exceeds the required value, the fuse is fused to protect the purpose, which is a more common means of protection

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