Solar combination box

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The structure of the solar assembly box and the manufacturing quality of the cabinet itself, the main circuit connection, the secondary wire and the installation of electrical components shall meet the following requirements:

A) the assembly of the relevant parts shall meet their respective technical requirements;

B) the box should be firm and flat, with smooth and smooth surface, no peeling, rust and crack, etc.

C) the rack panel shall be flat, and the words and symbols shall be clear, orderly, standardized and correct.

D) signs, signs and marks shall be complete and clear;

E) various switching groups should be easy to operate and reliable.


The design of pv combine box shall have the following characteristics:

1) meet the requirements of outdoor installation;

2) it can also access 8 pv arrays, each with 16A,1000Vdc fuse (other grades can be changed);

3) equipped with pv special high-voltage lightning protection device, the anode and cathode are equipped with lightning protection function;

4) improve the dc withstand voltage value by using the quadrupole circuit breaker in series;

5) conduct current monitoring of input array, the native LED display and the output of the current value through RS485;

6) monitoring the voltage after the confluence, the native LED display and the output voltage value through RS485.

The main features

1. The multi-channel solar pv array can be accessed at the same time, and the maximum current can reach 11A, which can meet the needs of different users.

2. Equipped with solar pv dc high-voltage lightning protection device, the anode and cathode have dual lightning protection function;

3. Adopt professional dc high voltage circuit breaker, dc voltage withstand voltage is not lower than DC1000V, safe and reliable;

4. Lightning counting function to facilitate understanding of the intrusion and frequency of lightning disaster;

5. Have the work status indication to facilitate the observation of work situation;

6. Equipped with high voltage dc fuse and circuit breaker with two level safety protection devices;

7. You can configure the sensor and monitor display module to measure and monitor the current of each road according to the need, and can record and display the operation condition remotely, without having to go to the site (optional);

8. The protection level reaches IP65 to meet the requirements for outdoor installation;

9. Installation and maintenance is simple, convenient and long service life.

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