The future trend of pv system distributed pv development

Update date:2017-12-13 Source:MAXGE

Combining solar power with wind power, modern agriculture and poverty alleviation projects constitutes the photovoltaic system model. When it comes to the specific application of the photovoltaic industry, most people will see the photovoltaic power stations in the western gobi desert or the desert construction, or the distributed power plants built on the roof of industrial buildings. Because of the low energy density of solar radiation, it is generally necessary to build a photovoltaic power station, such as the gobi desert, semi-fixed desert and saline-alkali land.


Photovoltaic (pv) system to improve the comprehensive utilization of renewable energy, wind power, solar and wind energy is the most common natural resources are inexhaustible renewable energy, and both have very strong complementary to each other in time distribution. During the day, when the sun is strongest, the wind is small, and in the evening, the light is weak, but the wind is strengthened due to the large difference in surface temperature difference. In summer, the sun's intensity is strong and the wind is small. In winter, the sun's rays are weak and windy. Solar and wind energy complementary makes wind-light complementary system in time on the resources distribution, has the very good fit and therefore wind-light complementary system in terms of resources condition is very good independent power supply system.


Photoelectric system is converting solar energy into electricity using photovoltaic system components, and then through the controller for battery charging, finally through the inverter to load (alternating load) a system of power supply. The advantages of this system are high reliability of system power supply, low maintenance cost and high system cost. The wind power system USES small wind turbines to convert wind energy into electricity, then charge the battery through the controller, and finally the system is powered by the inverter. The advantage of this system is that the system has high power generation, low system cost and low maintenance cost. The disadvantage is that small wind generator has low reliability.


Although wind power and photovoltaic system by introducing after battery energy storage equipment can stable power supply, but system of electricity generated much affected by the weather every day, will cause the system power supply and utilization of the load imbalance, resulting in battery is in a state of loss of electricity or charging status, long-term operation can reduce the service life of the battery, increased investment in system maintenance. Considering wind power and photovoltaic systems in battery and inverter link can be universal, so establishing wind-light complementary system on technology application, at the same time can reduce the energy storage device, the design of the battery capacity, which eliminated system power imbalance between supply and demand to a certain extent, thus reduces the system investment and to reduce the workload of system maintenance. Therefore, from the technical evaluation, the landscape complementary power generation system is a reasonable independent power supply system.


Photovoltaic system wind-light complementary system on the resources to make up for wind and photovoltaic independent system on the resources of their respective defects, in the technology application can make through energy storage link independent integration of wind power, photovoltaic systems get rationalization. Wind-light complementary system can according to user's electricity load and resource conditions with reasonable configuration of the system capacity, can guarantee the power supply reliability of the power system, and can reduce the cost of power generation systems. Regardless of the environment and the demand of electricity, the system can optimize the system design scheme to meet the user's requirements.

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