Pv system pv combiner box self-check extremely important

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The fault of the system component of the photovoltaic system is checked, and the reasons for the failure of the components are mainly reflected in the following aspects: cable disconnection or plug failure; The connection in the pv combiner box is loose. Broken. The discovery of the actual fault may be measured by cable, component physical examination and current and voltage.



It is necessary to have the basic knowledge of pv and grid array for troubleshooting.

First, the open circuit voltage and short circuit current can be measured only when the photovoltaic module does not carry load.

The second point is that the pv module output voltage is close to the open circuit even when the solar irradiance is low, and the short circuit current is proportional to the effective solar irradiance.

Third, the screened photovoltaic module will not output current or reduce current according to occlusion.



Here are two things to focus on:

If the dc side fails, the primary task is to measure the open circuit voltage of the pv array at the input side of the inverter, and confirm whether the dc power is to the big inverter. If the inverter does not have a dc power, the technician shall systematically examine the equipment and their connections, measuring from the inverter to the pv array.


Photovoltaic system on the ground photovoltaic power station

If you do not have a dc voltage across the inverter, the usual practice is to check whether the dc main circuit breaker and the isolator are working, whether the circuit breaker or the fuse is closed and running. If there is no dc voltage at the pv junction box, the fault is inside the array. This generally indicates that a (full) photovoltaic module fails. Screening for fault self, of course, a lot of knowledge, far more than these, for users photovoltaic system is built, to form a good habit of ops after regular checks on the system, if the system failure and don't try so hard, in the case of he couldn't solve can contact factory, professional service personnel to guide the answer, please. Some simple troubleshooting methods can be learned and accumulated more, and can be solved by itself when problems are encountered.


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