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Why the moulded case circuit breaker cannot be closed or opened

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-11-18      Origin: Site

If you want to know why the moulded case circuit breaker cannot be opened, firstly you need to understand the following:

1. Whether the moulded case circuit breaker has a long service life: If the service life is not very long, the rust and aging faults of the metal mechanical parts inside the circuit breaker can be ruled out. You can consider the working mode and wiring of the circuit breaker, such as, the interface of the circuit breaker wiring is loose, causing the internal detection unit to fail to detect circuit failure or short circuit. The rated current of the circuit is too large, and it cannot be disconnected in time to ensure the safety of the circuit when a conventional small current fault such as a short circuit occurs.If the service life is long, you have to consider the aging of internal parts, or the maximum use of the circuit breaker has been reached Electrical life or mechanical life, the internal has been severely damaged.

2. In the case of high-current installation of moulded case circuit breakers, for safety reasons, the torque of the handle will be increased to avoid accidental closing or power failure. At this time, a special handle is required for operation, just buy a handle.

3. The reason for the failure to disconnect or close the MCCB may also lie in the internal mechanical parts or other elements.At this time, you must not disassemble the circuit breaker by yourself at this time. You should contact the merchant who purchased it in time to replace it.The warranty period can be repaired or re-purchased in consultation with the merchant.

4. Different moulded case circuit breakers have different protection mechanisms; if the circuit breaker trips normally due to a line fault, which results in failure to close, it is a normal phenomenon, and you can ask an electrician to troubleshoot the fault.


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