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A Letter to the Customers and Suppliers of Maxge--Turning Crisis into Opportunities and Challenges

Author: MAXGE     Publish Time: 2020-02-24      Origin: Site

Happy New Year to all the customers and suppliers of MAXGE.

I would like to express my gratitude to all of you on behalf of MAXGE,

Thank you for your cooperation and support to MAXGE,

Thank you for your warm sympathy and a lot of support from our customer to epidemic ,

Especially, the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka organizes people to pray for China,

OREL sent a lot of masks from Dubai to entrust MAXGE to China government.

The year of 2020 is supposed to be a year which shall ring out of the old year and ring in the new year and open a new era;

Maxge Electric will set a higher target,

and implement the “four five” grand plan in 2020.

The traditional Chinese festival---the beginning of the Spring Festival for mouse year,

China was shrouded by a precipitate epidemic caused by novel coronavirus.

The epidemic affected our daily life

disrupted our normal work,

and threatened our life.

With the leading of our great country,

1.4 Billion Chinese people fought against the epidemic.

The Chinese government has taken sincerity, warmth and human-based control measures, to protect our life and home with fast, effective and humanized actions ,

which has achieved a remarkable result and got approvals at home and abroad.

Please allow me to report the epidemic situation in China to all the friends who are concerned about it.

Take Deqing county, Zhejiang province at which Maxge is located for example,


The number of newly infected cases in China besides Hubei province from Feb. 3rd to Feb. 19 is 45 .

The number of the newly confirmed cases in a successive fifteen days in Zhejiang province is decreased.

Three people were infected in Deqing county where the total population is about five hundred thousand and those three people have been healed.

No one died of the coronavirus in Zhejiang province and the epidemic has gradually turned around.

It indicates that the number of infected people has been controlled effectively.


Suffering from the ruthless epidemic, our world is still full of love,

Spring is around the corner, flowers are destined to bloom,

Warm spring is on the way soon, while cold winter fading away,

The silver lining to conquer the virus is coming, and we are going to win.


Although the epidemic has caused inconvenience to our life and work,

Under the kind care and support from the society and government,

With the mutual help from foreign friends and customers,

With the efforts from all the staffs in MAXGE,

With the responsibility, cohesion and creativity of MAXGE,

to minimize the impact of the epidemic,

We have returned to work partially from Feb. 15th and we plan to resume the overall production at the end of February.

What is valuable is that all the staffs in Maxge provided assistance, love, hope and confidence to the society while keeping their families and themselves safe.


We would like to make a statement to all the clients and suppliers as follows:

1.The personnel in Maxge is stable.

Over 97% of all staff are from non-critical epidemic areas,

100 % of the staff on duty have been home quarantined more than 14 days.

2.The supply of material and accessories is sufficient.

The stock of home-made accessories hold a rich safe stock for over 30 days,

The stock of our main suppliers had an agreed inventory more than 15days.

3.Informatization and automatization assurance,

The ERP system has been put into normal use-Smart digital factory.

The number of automatic production lines has been increased in our factory, which could reduce the dependence on manual labour.

4.Enlarge the production scale and raise efficiency

A new plant with the area of twenty thousand square meters will be put into use soon.

The automatic equipment for injection molding, punching, spot welding, assembly and test will be put into use in the new plant soon.

5.Working online and E-commerce

We have been working at home from Feb. 4th, preparing for resuming the production.

Fully launch 24-hour online foreign business support and after-sales service .

6.Prepare the exhibitions abroad and continued expansion of business cooperation:

March 3rd~5th, 2020 Middle East Electricity(MEE)

March 8th~13th, 2020 Light+Building—International Trade Fair for Architecture and Technology in Frankfurt


There is always chances under the cover of crisis,

Companies will enter a new round of reshuffle after every crisis,

Waves constantly washing the sands, but the strong will survive.

The year of 2020 is a new year for a new journey.

Maxge will provide service to our customers as always,

and strengthen cooperation with suppliers to expansion business.

Looking for opportunities in the crisis and achieve the tansformation and upgrading.

Will also think of safety of times to achieve greater sucess,

Achieving a higher goal and implementing the “four five” grand plan in 2020.

Spirit of Maxge: Pursuit of excellent ability and great virtue.

Mission of Maxge: Intelligent manufacture, intelligent electric and intelligent life.

Vision of Maxge: committed to being a first-class brand of intelligent electric in the world.

Values of Maxge: honesty, team spirit, innovation, focus, efficiency.

Thank you again for your trust and support from our distinguished customers and suppliers.

Along the way, both wind and rain, thanks for you been with us!

Your health and safety is our biggest concern.

It is because of your love that we can overcome difficulties and move on!


                                                                                                 Managing department:

                                                                                                 Sufu Peng            Jian wang

                                                                                                 Jingxu Zheng       Rongchang Kuang

                                                                                                                                                           Feb. 21, 2020     

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