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MGB Series Intelligent Circuit Breaker

• Intelligent cloud control (GPRS, Ethernet, WIFI) circuit breaker is developed by our company on the basis of the
• Technical Specification for External Circuit Breaker (State Grid Corporation of China Q/ GDW11421-2005), Technical
• specification for External Low-Voltage Circuit Breaker (China Southern Power Grid), and Technical Specification for
• External Circuit Breaker (CQC1121-2016). The product consists of one miniature circuit breaker with short-circuit
• overload protection and one small intelligent electric operating mechanism which is equipped with one microprocessor and two modules (GPRS, Internet , WIFI). The command would be sent and the data will be received by
• phones, computers and other terminals. GPRS, Ethernet and WIFI would receive the remote controlled command,
• control the tripping or closing of the circuit breaker and feed back the status of the circuit breaker.

Product Description 


Connection mode 2p single phase / 4p three phase four wire
Rated voltage(Ue) 2P 230V AC / 4P 400V AC
Rated current(In) 10A、16A、20A、25A、32A 、40A 、50A 、63A 、80A 、100A、125A
Rated frequency 50Hz
Mechanical life 10000
Electrical life 6000
Overload & short-circuit protection C
Breaking capacity(Icu=Ics) 6KA
Rated impluse withstand voltage(Uimp) 4KV
Protecting degree IP20
Operation temperature - 5℃~+40℃
Dielectric strength AC2500V 60s
Over-voltage action value 285V 土5V
Over-voltage recovery value 253V 土5V
Under-voltage action value 150V土5V
Under-voltage recovery value 195V土5V
Over voltage & under voltage recovery time 20--40S


MGB Series Intelligent circuit breaker series