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How to choose the suitable MCB and RCD in Household Distribution Boxes

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-10-27      Origin: Site

Every household has a distribution box, which is the controller of the household circuit. 

Among the various parts of the distribution box, the selection of MCB and RCD is a problem worthy of attention.


The key points for choosing household MCB and RCD:

1. The main switch of the household distribution box generally adopts a 2-pole circuit breaker or an isolating switch (single-phase power supply system), and the rated current of the circuit breaker needs to be determined according to the total power consumption of the household. If the total power is less than 6KW, 32~40A circuit breaker is recommended, and if the total power is 6KW-8KW, 40-63A circuit breaker is recommended

2. It is recommended to use 1P+N (phase wire + neutral wire) products for branch circuits. When the line fails, the phase and neutral wires of the power supply can be cut off at the same time to ensure personal safety and electrical equipment safety.

3. The lighting circuit needs to consider the total current of the household lighting lamps. It is recommended to choose a breaker with a rated current of 10-20A.


4. The socket circuit can choose 1P+N, 30mA leakage protection products, and the rated current can choose 16A-25A.

5. The rated current of the air conditioner circuit is based on the performance of the air conditioner. Generally, 16-20A is recommended. The cabinet type air conditioner can choose 1P+N, 30mA leakage protection circuit breaker, and the rated current is recommended to choose 16A-25A.

6. Other high-power electrical appliances such as electric water heaters should be individually equipped with protection circuits.


The choice of a circuit breaker is naturally not easy. It requires a certain amount of power knowledge to make the correct choice. 

If you cannot make a correct judgment, I suggest you seek professional help.

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