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How to Find Qualified Circuit Breakers for the Purchaser?

Author: MAXGE     Publish Time: 2018-12-07      Origin: Site

Materials for circuit breakers

There are four main types of materials, copper, steel, silver and plastic that directly relate to the quality of the circuit breaker. As the price of raw materials in the Chinese market rises, it polarizes that some corporations choose to use inferior materials at the expense of product quality in order to reduce the cost, while the others, through technological innovation, have managed to work out the corresponding substitutes and solutions to keep the product quality.


MCB Internal Structure of MAXGE


MCB Internal Structure of other brands

At present, the copper is divided into four quality level, T0 (Optimal), T1 (Excellent) T2 (Good) T3 (Normal and below). Generally, now most small corporations use the copper of below T3 and MAXGE uses the red copper, which is as high-qualified as T2 level.

Different levels of the copper quality have different impacts on products, like conductivity, appearance and the forming process. In order to save materials, some corporations only use 2 rounds of the coil and 5 pieces of the arc extinguishing.


The Arc Extinguishing of MAXGE


The Arc Extinguishing of Other Brands


The Coil of MAXGE


The Coil of Other Brands

MAXGE selects the high-quality carbon steel (08 steel) which makes products much stronger and longer working life when compared to Q195 steel used by some corporations.


Steel of MAXGE


Steel of Other Brands (already bent)


In terms of the contact, MAXGE uses the composite silver material developed through technological innovation to replace the pure silver one, inheriting the excellent electrical conductivity, arc resistance and good arc extinguishing effect. However, some companies choose inferior copper contacts, which reduces the cost but often has a serious impact on the quality of the products, resulting in serious accidents such as explosions and fires.

In terms of the plastics, MAXGE uses the high-quality PV66, which can better guarantee the pressure and fire resistance when compared to the second-hand recycled plastic used by the low-quality circuit breakers , thus avoiding fire caused by overheating of the product for a long time.


Circuit Breaker Design

As for the product design, MAXGE has a technical team of 50 people, invests laboratories with tens of millions cost, and cooperates with many well-known testing and certification institutions at home and abroad to control each step of the product through various tests, mechanical and electrical life, pressure resistance, fire testing, current testing and other aspects. And MAXGE has obtained VDE, KEMA, TUV, CE, CB and other authoritative certificates.


3D Internal Structure Design of MAXGE


3D Enclosure Design of MAXGE


From the design drawings, the design concept is novel with a rigorous plan and flexible structure, efficient and well received by clients. The good heat dissipation effect solves the important problems of circuit breakers such as sliders, excessive temperature, early tripping, and no tripping, etc.

It will be three years until a new series of products comes out, going through market research, technical demonstration, innovative research and cycled experimental monitoring, so that it can fully meets the enterprise core of MAXGE, Perfection and Ascend to Virtue.


Circuit Breaker Production

MAXGE has invested tens of millions in production, and has established a unified data platform and a workshop-level industrial communication network.Through a comprehensive integration of PLM, OMS, CRM, ERP and other management systems, MAXGE has achieved a totally digital management of product design,simulation,manufact

-uring,and assembling. Compared with the traditional labor-intensive enterprises, MAXGE not only reduces the cost but also ensures the consistency and reliability of product performance.


Now MAXGE has a total of six digital assembling lines.


Miniature circuit breaker series have automatic assembling lines, improving product consistency and stability. And it has fully replaced the manual work by an automatic operations of riveting, pressure resistance, calibration, pad printing and packaging.


The fully automatic welding equipment has improved work efficiency 4 to 5 times higher than the original manual spot welding, as well as the the qualification rate much higher than before.


The automation of the injection molding workshop has improved work efficiency, reduced operational safety hazards, and ultimately achieved unmanned operation.


Circuit breaker quality inspection

MAXGE conducts at least 3 spot checking on products, and carries out detailed tracking and monitoring of important data such as long delay, short delay and pressure resistance, and the qualified rate of products delivered to customers is stable at over 99%.


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