Injection Molding Workshop

By the end of 2022, the workshop has 27 skeleton employees and more than 170 sets of equipment, including 38 class A equipment (injection molding machine, beam crane) and more than 130 class B/C auxiliary equipment. The monthly production capacity of the shell is 2.5 million poles, the inner parts are 10 million, the lighting box is 150,000, and the plastic case is 100,000. The workshop is equipped with China's industry leading brand HAITIAN injection molding machine.
The workshop adopts the industry-advanced centralized feeding method to transport the dried materials to the designated machine; The shell area is equipped with a high precision chiller (the lowest water temperature is 8℃) to improve the cooling efficiency of the product and shorten the forming cycle; Each injection molding machine is equipped with a mold temperature machine, so that the mold temperature in production is stable at a constant temperature state, to protect the performance and appearance of our products.