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EPF-63 Series Fuse Holder And Links

DC Fuse mainly used in DC combiner box in solar PV systems. When PV panel or imverter caused overload or short circuit, it trip off immediately, to protect PV panels, DC fuse aslo used to protect other electrical parts in DC circuit, when overload or short circuit

Technical Data


 Standard  IEC6047-3, IEC 60269  Mechanical endurance  8500
 Electric ratings  Up to 63A 230V AC 50/60Hz  Operating frequency  120/h
 Utilization category     AC-21A  Degree of protection  IP20
 Rated insulation voltage  Ui 690V  Ambient temperature(℃)  -25~+40 max.90% humidity
 Rated inmpulse withstand voltage  4000V  Storage temperature (℃)  -40~+75
 Electric endurance  1500  Connection Capacity( mm² )  1-25


Product Diagram

EPF63 Series Fuse Holder