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EPB-63M-DC Series Circuit Breaker

• The rated working voltage of DC circuit breakers specially used in photovoltaic can be as high as DC 1000V. • The special arc extinguishing and current limiting system can quickly disconnect the fault current of the DC power distribution system. • The photovoltaic module, an important component in solar power system, can avoid damages from high DC reverse current and AC feedback current caused by the inverter failure, ensuring a reliable operation of solar PV system.

EPB-63M-DC Series Circuit Breaker

Technical Data


 Standard  EN/IEC60947-2  Nuber of poles  1P,,2P,3Pand 4P
 Breaking capacity  6kA  Type of trip  Thermal/magnetic release
 Protection  Against overload and short circuit  Type of terminal  Lug type and Pin type
 Rated current In  1,2,3,4,6,10,13,16,20,25,32,40,50,63A  Terminal capacity  16mm² flexible or 25mm² rigid up to 25A ratings
 25mm² flexible or 35mm² rigid from 32A to 63A ratings
 Rated voltage

 DC:Rated voltage Ue (VDC)
       1P  250    3P  750
       2P  500    4P  1000
      Operational volatge(VDC): 

       Max:1P  250    2P  500

 protection degree  IP 20
 Ambient temperature(C°)  -5~+40  Installation  Mounting on 35mm DIN rail
 Characteristic  Thermal operating limit:(1.05-1.30)×In
 Magnetic operating:(8-12)xIn
 Width  17.8mm per pole