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MAXGE Corporate Video

MAXGE Electric Technology Co., Ltd. lies at Deqing County, Zhejiang Province, which is at the foot of Moganshan Mountain, a very famous scenic resort. MAXGE boasts a 80000-square-meter modern standard workshop and concentrates all its efforts on the production and development of electric devices. 
Glow Wire Test
MAXGE attaches high importance to Glow wire testing for all engineering plastics used for circuit breakers. With the use of a glow wire tester, the plastic parts are exposed to a temperature of 960 degrees Celcius. The test is performed as per IEC 60695-2 standard. It is an electrical safety test designed to evaluate the flame-resistant properties of plastic materials used in electrical devices. The glow wire simulates an over-heated part which then comes into contact with plastic materials. After the test, qualified batches are sent to assembly workshops for mass production.
Spot Welding Workshop
MAXGE electric has advanced spot welding workshop to produce subassemblies for MCB, RCCB, RCBO & MCCB. There are more than fifty sets of automatic spot welding machines with monthly production capacity is more than 2.5 million for MCB Thermal and Magnetic assemblies. Additional machines which we have are silver tip welding, braid compacting, coil winding, armature assembly. Spot welding is the most important process to determine the quality of circuit breaker to achieve high short circuit breaking capacity, accurate tripping characteristic and lower temperature rise during normal working.
Tooling Workshop
MAXGE has a very professional mold design and manufacturing team, all of whom have been in the electrical industry for many years. From mold design to manufacturing and processing, we have a state of the art EDM, Wirecut, VMC machines & inspection tools to ensure that the mold can guarantee the feasibility and accuracy of the product. MAXGE has always implemented the high requirements for product quality and accelerated the pace of progress in the form of spurring itself.You can learn more about our mold workshop through the video.
Stamping Workshop
The quality of products is the foundation of a brand. As the source of the four major craftsmanship, MAXGE attaches great importance to stamping technology. Our stamping workshop has continuously introduced high-performance, high-precision, high-speed punching equipment since the company was established. We have very high requirements for manufacturing. You can watch the video to learn about our stamping workshop. 
Affordable price, top quality circuit breakers, what are you still hesitating about?
In this video,I will tell you about Miniature circuit breakers.MCBs are rating from 0.5 to 63 ampere current ratings with B,C & D curves with the short circuit breaking capacities from 10kA,6kA & 4.5kA.The MCBs are complying to IEC60898 standard and certified by international certification bodies such as VDE,KEMA,CB & CE.

MCB Automatic assembly line


In journey towards automatic production lines MAXGE has achieved a important milestone to deploy automatic assembly line for MCB. The various assembly units of machine involves pick and place robots for base and cover placement, pin, calibration screws and nuts, knob & knob spring, latch & lubrication, U- Pin, Arc chamber assembly units.

MCB Automatic testing line


MAXGE produces 2 million poles per month using automatic testing lines MCB is widely accepted in the global market due to its robust design & consistency in operation. Take a look at MCB automatic testing line which includes
1) Side face Laser printing unit
2) Riveting unit
3) Unscrewing & Mechanical ON-OFF test unit
4) Thermal calibration unit
5) Cooling unit
6) Thermal verification unit
7) Magnetic & HV test unit
8) Top face pad printing unit
9) Din-clip fixing unit
10) Packing unit

2P RCBO Automatic testing line


MAXGE Electric has developed a new 2P RCBO. Right from the beginning, we have developed fully automatic testing lines for stable performance & guarantee to end customers. Following operations are being conducted on the production line
1) Automatic rivet insertion & riveting unit
2) Mechanical ON-OFF-TRIP unit
3) Leakage current test unit
4) Thermal calibration unit
5) Cooling chamber
6) Thermal verification unit
7) Magnetic tripping & HV test unit
8) Top face pad printing unit
9) Din-clip fixing unit
10) Packing unit

RCCB Automatic testing line


RCCB automatic testing line at MAXGE Electric includes
1) Leakage current tripping unit under magnetization & de-magnetization conditions
2) Leakage current tripping & trip button testing unit
3) High voltage test unit
4) Side face laser printing unit
5)Top face pad printing unit
6) Packing unit

MCCB Automatic testing line


How Moulded case circuit breakers (MCCB) are made?
Watch the full video to see MAXGE's automatic production line.
We make 125A-1250A MCCBs in 6 frames & MCCBs are certified by KEMA. MCCB automatic testing line at MAXGE Electric includes
Open distance/Overtravel Test Unit

1)Auto. on-off/Synchronicity/ Trip force/ Trip distance Unit

2)Contace Pressure/Loop resitance Test Unit

3)Magnetic Test Unit

4)Thermal Test Unit








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