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The difference between 220V and 380V AC contactors

Author: MAXGE     Publish Time: 2018-11-29      Origin: Site

220V and 380V AC contactor of the mechanical principle of no difference, mainly on the line voltage, respectively 380V and 220V! The remaining differences are the following three points:


First, connection difference: 1. 220V coil A1 and A2 1 zero 1 fire; 2. 380V A1 and A2 connect two fire lines;

Two, the difference between the line diameter and the number of turns: relatively, the line diameter of the 220V AC contactor is rough and the number of turns is small; the 380V AC contactor is the opposite, the line diameter is fine and the number of turns is big!


Three. Use of AC contactor: if the power supply voltage is 380 volts, the coil is a 380 volt AC contactor. The same 220 volt AC contactor can only be used in a line with a control voltage of 220 volts. The difference is only 380V and 220V on the line voltage, the wiring is 220V's coil A1 and A2 1 zero 1 fire, 380V's A1 and A2 are connected with two fire lines.


The working principle is: when the cocontactor coil is energized, the coil current produces a magnetic field, the magnetic field generated by the stator to generate electromagnetic attraction on the moving core, and drive AC contactor point movement, normally closed contact is disconnected, normally open contacts, the two are linked. When the coil is broken, the electromagnetic suction is disappearing and the armature release under the effect of releasing the spring. The contact is restored, the contact is open, and the often closed contact is closed. The working principle of the DC contactor is a little similar to the principle of the temperature switch.


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