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Through the benign social credit condition and industry-advanced service quality, MAXGE Electric Technology Co., LTD has honor to won the 2022 Credit Management Model Enterprise in Zhejiang Province

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-09-15      Origin: Site

What is Credit Management Model Enterprise in Zhejiang Province?

They are enterprises which have complete credit management institutes, entire credit management institution, obvious credit management benefits, benign social credit demonstration and can be typical ideal. They need be fostered and admitted by Zhejiang Province corporate promotion association.

What does this mean for MAXGE getting the title?

This honor is recognition to MAXGE long-term corporate credit culture construction, also a display of great corporate credit model image. MAXGE strengthen credit awareness, construction and management institution, and combine credit management into corporate development strategy, improve level of corporate credit management, establish a complete credit management institution.

Always setting an example of great social credit image, MAXGE is a advanced enterprise of typical demonstration function.


Why MAXGE is able to get the title?

“Honesty is principle of deal.” There is no improper and dishonest behavior but a high concentration on credit management. It gathers spiritual strength, consolidate the foundation of integrity, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of enterprise with a good integrity image and reputation.

In long-term government bestows high support and affirmation on MAXGE independent R&D and tech center company, as well as digital circuit breaker workshop construction project.


Government personage visited Maxge

Under background of comprehensive intelligence, MAXGE keeps step with epoch, took the lead in empowering the whole industrial chain with data, introduced SAP system, updated by digital transformation, and opened a new chapter in the construction of digital intelligent factory.

The combination of automatic production line and digital system is a reason of, more efficient production, more controllable quality and more convenient management.


Maxge in ENNU conversation

It’s more than offering quality products to customers, but also promote company a more rapid and convenient production, and realize transparent production, digital management and digital factory with one-click traceability

MAXGE are deeply aware of that honesty is root of corporate development, so carry out the credit concept through the whole system. Company has might technology strength, complete production and testing apparatuses. It controls strictly on each process, focus on microscopic detail to ensure stable and reliable quality. Thus it’s sure that MAXGE rejects profit maximization in favor of sustainable quality benefit maximization.


Photo with customers

MAXGE has always been committed to the core values of "win-win with others", try to empower customers, SUPPLIERS, employees, and even the entire society.

For customers, MAXGE meet requirement of customers market, to make they can rest easy by products with reliable quality.

For suppliers, MAXGE cooperate sincerely with them to realize win-win and foster progress of them.


For staff, MAXGE creates internal community of shared interest, common career and life,  improving the distribution system from the grassroots level to the middle level, then to the top level.

For society, MAXGE always offers independently controlled products and solutions to society with strong sense of social commitment, to make contribution to social development and improve company economy benefit and social benefit by credit management.


Look for future

MAXGE will regard this award as opportunity, continue to manage high standard credit management institution, to provided safer and more reliable products to customers. MAXGE will play a leading role in the development process, made due contributions to the construction of the social credit system and the promotion of "two first" with high quality, and constantly contributed to the prosperity of Zhejiang and even the whole country, and constantly created more value.

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