How to choose the measurement range of the single-phase kilowatt hour meter

Thu Nov 29 14:23:36 CST 2018

The monophasic meter is equipped according to the load power, the single-phase electric current is 4.5A per kilowatt, and the meter range is 1.2-1.5 times of the total current. For example, a household total power 4KW, current 18A, can be equipped with a 5 (20) A meter, (but there is no more than twenty tables)


How to choose the watt hour meter

Current measurement in excess of 50A is generally suitable to be measured by current transformers. The kilowatt hour meter will choose the range after the change. 1.5~6A, 3~6A this means that the energy meter can work normally in this range. In the D86 series "T" means active, such as DT862; "S" means reactive power, such as DS862. The model of the single electronic electric energy meter is unified throughout the country. There are 4 models: 5 (20) A, 10 (40) A, 15 (60) A, 20 (80), also known as 4 times table, 2 times, 4 times, and multiple times. The larger the multiple of the table is, the more accurate it is to measure at low current. The maximum current of the general selection table is 2 times the rated load current. If the load is 10A, the meter is selected and selected for the meter with the maximum current of 20A.


According to regulations, direct access to the meter, the current should be according to the rated maximum current and overload to determine the rated maximum current should be approved by the customer reported to determine the load capacity; overload, the maximum rated current on the normal operation of the actual load current meter above 30%. It should take 2 times; the actual load current is less than 30%, should be 4 times table. The basic current and the rated maximum current. The basic current (also called calibration current) is to determine the current value of the related characteristics of the meter. It is expressed in Ib. The maximum rated current is the maximum current value that the instrument can meet the accuracy specified in its manufacturing standard, expressed in Imax.

The window of the word wheel meter, the integer bits and the decimal digits are distinguished by different colors. There are decimal points in the middle. If there is no decimal point, the word wheel of the window has multiplier coefficients, such as X 1000, x 100, x 10, and x 1.

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